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Our Passion
Art & Music

We support local, emerging, and international artists alike, and we pride ourselves in providing a platform for those who would otherwise not be seen or heard. By featuring emerging artists alongside their world class counterparts, lesser-known artists are given the opportunity to showcase and develop their artistic abilities while standing on the shoulders of giants. Over the years, we’ve defined ourselves by flourishing on the cutting edge of dance music. We strive to redefine what is expected at music-driven events, regardless of genre. We recognize that all electronic music spawned from the same roots. We pay homage to the true pioneers and purveyors of what are now the classics. We invite our patrons to come as they are and to experience things as we do, with an open mind and a respect for the heritage of music that got us here.

Our Dreams
Experiential Events

By conceptualizing and constructing immersive environments in pop-up venues around Miami, we aim to elevate our community’s culture by offering something different. Nothing can substitute an experience. When designing decor for our event, we think of ourselves not just as planners for what’s taking place within our venue’s walls, but as planners for what is taking place in cyberspace at the same time. Our parties are “instagrammable” and “snapchattable” — full of large installations, like a disco ball made out of recycled CDs or 10-foot dream catchers, and delightful details, like inflatable flamingoes and glow-in-the-dark flowers. Our photo booth installations serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. They’re dual-purpose decor that are artful branding opportunities, as well as digital sharing moments.

Our Ambition
Constant Evolution

The growth and professionalization of Secret Garden has expanded our scope beyond the original purpose of the event’s creation. We now have specialized teams that cover all the requirements determined by modern consumer needs, allowing us to better cater to the music and events industry. We are no longer just event promoters. We’ve evolved into a multi-disciplinary service agency that provides event management, concessions, talent booking, A/V production, marketing and advertising, graphic design, event decor, and content production. Our brand has experienced unprecedented growth. Within a year of expanding our model, we’ve been recognized as the best monthly event in Miami by public vote through the Miami New Times.









Who We Are

A bit about us

We are vanguards of culture in the perpetual pursuit of art and creativity. We’re highly adept to emerging trends in our social structure and culture, often tipping our hats to those who have risen to the call of our generation by building communities around the globe. Trends continue to highlight the strength in diversity. We are a robust ecosystem and network of artists and thinkers that have constructed a platform for the elevation of independent culture, arts and music. Ours is truly a labor of love. We’ve handcrafted our own outlet and recruit only the most creative minds in our community so that we may push our imagination to the limits alongside like-minded individuals.





  • Talent bookers who curate musicians, artists and performers
  • Decorators who design the environments and experiences that make our events so memorable
  • Fabricators who turn our abstract ideas into physical objects
  • A/V production who ensure that everything you see and hear are experienced as they should be
  • Marketers who get the message out there
  • Content producers who are the storytellers of our journey

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