A Haunted Factory Is Being Resurrected for Halloween Weekend in Miami

Halloween Weekend 2019: Haunted Factory Experience

Halloween Weekend 2019: Haunted Factory Experience

Have you ever stumbled upon a place where no matter what you do, you can’t shake off this eerie feeling that something unexplainable happened there… Welcome to Secret Garden’s Haunted Factory Experience, taking place at the mysterious Wynwood Factory. Before this venue became notorious for its incredible weekend parties, the warehouse was home to a sugar factory known to have ghastly “accidents” happen for those who dared to enter. Rumor has it the victims of this factory still wander throughout the space, but you can be the judge of that during Halloween Weekend 2019.

Wynwood Factory - Halloween 2019 Events in Miami
Wynwood Factory, were the Haunted Factory is happening on Halloween Weekend 2019.

Secret Garden does not take fear lightly. This year, the mysterious Wynwood Factory comes to life as we unbury supernatural secrets from the past. 4 days of interactive fright that will either put a smile on your face or drop your jaw to the floor as the story of the forgotten sugar factory comes to life. Walk along fire-breathing stilt walkers and contortionists as you explore the depths of our Haunted Factory. 

Abandoned Sugar Factory in Wynwood
Before it was a nightclub, Wynwood Factory was a Sugar Factory with many dark secrets.

Expect to unleash horrifying characters such as a distressed disco woman covered in skin piercing mirrors, an unethical chef who plays with the idea of cannibalism, and an other-worldly sugar creature whose oozing skin will surely send chills down your spine. Finalists and regulars on the notorious special effects make-up show Face Off, Eric and Derek Garcia, will be transforming these characters to life that will leave you questioning what is real or not. 

Eric Garcia & Derek Garcia from SyFy's Face Off TV Series
Eric Garcia & Derek Garcia working on SyFy’s Face Off TV Series.

Immerse yourself in 4 pulse-pounding scare rooms where you’ll fight to escape terrifying sights such as exorcisms, cannibals, and an Inferno room curated by local artists P&P that is sure to awaken all 5 senses. Our Haunted Factory will have 2 rooms of sound where you can dance the fright away. Get ready for sounds from Lee Foss, Roger Sanchez, Richy Ahmed and Cocodrills, along with local favorites: Fiin, Ohashi and many more. 
We are determined to uncover what really happened at Wynwood Factory long ago. Follow the haunting story as you scavenger hunt your way throughout the ominous venue. Don’t be afraid if you come across ghosts of the past, they may help you uncover more information than you think. We ask that you come dressed to kill as we celebrate the dead all weekend long. Help us unveil the chilling truth behind Wynwood Factory – together.

Tickets are on sale now at: https://secretgardenexp.com/haunted