Meet The Ghouls that haunt the old Wynwood Sugar Factory

Meet The Ghouls that haunt the Haunted Factory

We are determined to uncover what really happened at Wynwood Factory long ago. Before this venue became notorious for its incredible weekend parties, the warehouse was home to a sugar factory known to have ghastly “accidents” happen for those who dared to enter. This Halloween, guests will learn about the Haunted Factory’s twisted history and meet the ominous and frantic characters roaming throughout the factory…

Ghosts of the Sugar Factory’s wicked past.

Back when the factory used to transport sugar to and from the railroad, the Sugar Monster was a train conductor full of life and hope for the future. One night, a train was arriving late and he was all alone. He heard a noise and a bang! He saw the shadow of someone running away and chased after them into the room where the sugar was refined. He turned around and the last thing he saw was the face of the evil Chef pushing him into a vat of toxic chemicals. Now the Sugar Monster roam around the venue, dragging his feet and slowly observing everyone around him with hate in his eyes, craving the candy they hold!

The Sugarman

The Security Ghoul was working the late shift when the “big fire accident” happened… He still believes he is working that shift to this day. He’s on the hunt to ticket loiters and hooligans…He’s patrolling the perimeter, so make sure you’re on the list!

Security Ghoul

She was a woman working in the factory to support her family. One day, she was cleaning a machine in the factory, but the toxic fumes made her hallucinate. Her sight when black all she could see were bright lights and shiny disco balls.  She had a vision into the future of the Sugar Factory and its parties and did not understand what was going on. She understood that this vision was perfect and holy; the spinning disco balls were the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. Once her vision came back, she knew her world was not her true reality. She wanted to look beautiful like the disco balls. She broke the mirrors and windows and they shattered to hundreds of small pieces. She dug them deep into her skin and cried out for the beautiful vision to return. Now the Disco Woman hides in the shadows, in a permanent state of confusion. 

Disco Woman

This mother is desperately looking for her little boy. He loved playing around the tracks, but she was always nervous with the trains going in and out of the station. She loved her child and wanted him to have fun with his toys. She last saw him playing with his ball near the train tracks. Her soul cannot rest until she is reunited with her child. 

Childless Mother

Bobby Slay, the evil chef is walking around with a secret. He has spent years making the perfect candy. He’s made candy with horse and dog fat, but it was still never good enough…What if he tried another kind of fat? He knew it was the right thing to do… for his research, of course, Opportunity was given to the Chef when a man was late for his business meeting. That man was presenting his new candy recipe and the Evil Chef had to cut out his competition. He came up to the businessman and said, “Follow me.” The next week the Evil Chef presented his new candy recipe with a secret ingredient. It was so delicious that the Chef locked himself in the Factory attic, capturing souls to use for his secret recipe. Make sure that’s not you!

Bobby Slay

The Businessman known as Johnny Rotten came into the factory to meet with the Sugar Factory owner to present his revolutionary candy recipe. His wife was so proud of him taking the train into the city and knew he had potential. When he arrived at the factory, he was lost. He did see a rough man with a white apron and a chef hat, smoking out on the platform. The man saw him and asked him, “What are you here for?” That was the last time anyone has ever heard of him. His colleagues say that the Businessman was looking to present a new candy to the factory owner, but the chef was jealous and may have had something to do with that. Rumor has it this Businessman still haunts the factory looking to sell his candy. 

Get to know these terrifying inhabitants of the Haunted Factory so you can do your best to avoid them during Halloween Weekend. But, for those who dare to interact with them… there may be secrets that they can tell you about which can help lead to some pleasant surprises. That, or death… in the end, the outcome is up to you.

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